Sunday, September 14, 2014

35th Anniversary

For our 35th anniversary, Daryl and I planned a little getaway to Tennessee.  I only had 2 vacation days, so we made it a little 4 day - 3 night getaway. 

Arrived in Knoxville on a Saturday morning, did some sightseeing in town, then went to visit some good friends, the Herrells.  Apryl, Tom, Daryl and I went to dinner -having WONDERFUL burgers,  then out for ice cream after. We had such a nice time visiting with them.  Sure do miss them being in Texas, but we absolutely loved their home, and the area.  And it is wonderful that Tom has such family history, and so many members of the family in the area.. (We were slightly envious of both the home/land, and the immediate family so close!!!)  

We stayed at a hotel near their home that night, and the next day headed towards Wears Valley where our cabin rental was..  

 That was August 24, our actual anniversary.  
 Breakfast was at Krispy Kreme..  my adorable husband told me "Sweets for his sweet"   

The drive was absolutely beautiful..   and we had NO rain the entire weekend -
despite the clouds! 

We rented our cabin from a place called Great Cabins in the Smokies

We checked in at their office, and the lady at the desk was so nice and friendly.

We were SO happy when we got to our Cabin.. it was everything and more than we expected. 

Our Cabin - isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! 

Living room area - 

Looking towards the Kitchen

Beautiful bedroom - four poster king size bed

Bathroom.. HUGE walk in shower, and jacuzzi tub.

Bear wood carved statue on porch. I loved this little guy! 

Hot tub and rocking chairs on the deck

We really want to go back to this cabin in the winter.. to take advantage of the two fireplaces, and the Sauna :)    

That evening we went and explored Pigeon Forge..   "The Old Mill" was beautiful..    
The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge

Lots of shops, restaurants, dinner theaters and touristy stuff..   

The next morning we went Zip Lining at Wears Valley Zip Lines

View from the "lodge" at Wears Valley Zip Lines

Dudley getting Daryl all strapped in..  

Goofy getting Daryl ready for his first trip across..  

ME and Goofy.. he was awesome.. I was so nervous, but he went right behind me and I didn't feel so afraid..  

The afternoon after Ziplining, we went to visit Great Smoky Mountains National park, We did a drive through tour of Cades Cove..   Stopping a few times for photos, visiting buildings.. and bear watching. 

White tail deer in Cades Cove

One of the church buildings in the area.. we visited all of them.. 

Me and my sweetie 

Bear in the tree, right beside the road.. Rangers had people off to one side .. worrying what the little guy might do. 

Bear paparazzi  

After Cades cove, we headed back to Pigeon Forge, Ate dinner at Margaritaville 

Was kind of a disappointment, food so-so, service really bad..  But I guess you go there for the "experience". 

Next morning we got up..  tidied up our cabin, checked out and headed to the airport to turn in our car, and catch our flight home..  It was a wonderful few days, we enjoyed just being together, the two of us..  Looking forward to our next trip away..  

Jessie and Dad's Road Trip 2014

In July, Daryl and Jessie took off for a 9 day road trip..   I couldn't get that much time away from work, and the other two kids that live at home didn't really want to go. So the two of them went alone, and had a wonderful time.  

They left early on a Saturday morning, heading to Carlsbad Caverns.  They arrived, checked into their hotel, and then went to watch the bat flight out of the caverns at dusk.

The next day they went and did the tour of the caverns.. They got a lot of interesting photos to share with me.

After they left Carlsbad, they headed off to Roswell..    No visit to Area 51, But they did see some Aliens..  (even if they weren't real)

They said their favorite hotel of the trip was in Roswell..   It was the nicest, had the best breakfast and was also the least expensive of all the ones they stayed at.. it was a Comfort Inn.   

After they left Roswell, it was Grand Canyon time..    They got to their hotel after dark, and when they got up to go visit the Canyons, it was raining.. SO.. they decided to take the drive over and see the Hoover Dam.

Jessie has wanted to go there for years, ever since it was referenced in one of her "Percy Jackson" books..  She wanted to go get a 'dam snack' from the 'dam snack bar' and a 'dam t shirt' ...   

They had a great time at Hoover Dam, and it was late at night when they got back to their hotel.. 

They stopped once in a while and just viewed scenery while driving.. even got a few "selfies" now and then.

They spent two days at the canyon..  Exploring and hiking..  

After the Grand Canyon they went to The Petrified Forest, and the Painted Desert.....    

 They were certainly glad to be home after all that traveling.. but it was such a wonderful father/daughter experience for the both of them. I am very glad they had that time together before our "baby" is grown and gone..