Sunday, July 19, 2015


Michael and Becca  July 5, 2015

So on July 4th,  our oldest daughter became engaged.  

 They plan on marrying next July, so we have a year of planning ahead of us. This is new territory for me. I have been the mother of the groom once. I didn't have any real part of planning or executing,   This is something I've been looking forward to since I gave birth to my first daughter. 

Her beautiful engagement ring

Daryl and I have got to sit down with her and discuss budget and other things. But we will make sure she has a wedding she will love,  So many details go into this event.   It will be fun, hopefully not stressful for either Becca or myself, and maybe even bring us closer together as she takes this enormous step in her life. 

Our pinterest wedding board already has tons of ideas, She and Michael have been discussing venues, Daryl has been getting venue suggestions from his coworkers, I have found several that are beautiful also..  its going to be fun finding the perfect place.  

We had our first "bridal" appointment at David's bridal the other day, to start looking at dresses. So many beautiful ones, and of course everything she puts on makes her look like a princess.  Not showing any of the dresses she tried on, but here are "parts" of the ones she did..   

Beadwork on the bodice of one she tried on. 

Beautiful lace

Beaded waist.

As I said, she looked like a princess in all of them, it's going to be hard to narrow it down I think. Hopefully she will find the perfect dress to fit in with her ideal wedding.

And we only have 1 year to plan. 

Guess we really better get a move on! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Our Last Homeschool Graduate

 So, our Jessie, along with 2 of her best friends, Laena and Liz,  celebrated their high school graduation this past weekend.

We have homeschooled for 17+ years and are done now. 

I am sad this part of our lives is at an end, but look forward to what the future brings to my baby girl. 

Here are a few photos that capture the spirit of the day...   Some were taken by the other parents at the gathering (Thank you Rebecca and Brian, and Faeda and Mark) My son took a few, and I took a couple..  

Thank you to all who joined us for the girl's special day.  

Putting on Caps and Gowns in Jessie's room. 

Our Graduates, Liz,Jessie, and Laena

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Daddy's girls... every one of them...   

What I refer to as "the super 6" a core group of friends that are all very close.
Quinn, David, Liz, Jessie, Laena and Jeremy.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

No longer a teenager...

So my older daughter is now 20..   

I blinked....   and she went from the tiniest little bald baby, that I joyfully dressed in ruffles and headbands,  to the beautiful young woman she is now.  

Happy 20th Birthday Rebecca Michelle.  You are loved so very much. 

Becca and her daddy - she was 11 days old here

6 weeks old

2 years old - Halloween. 

at Sanderson

New Years Eve 2011

Senior photos - May 2012

Prom perfect - May 2014

Birthday with her boyfriend - June 2015