Thursday, June 23, 2016


I am extremely happy that I work for American Airlines.  I like my job, at times I even LOVE my job. (At times I am not as thrilled, but that's usually when there are a lot of weather related issues)  

It's a great company to work for, benefits are pretty good (except insurance - 2000.00 deductible not so great)  But other things make it amazing, non -rev travel, flexibility to swap hours with co-workers, and many other things.  

But one great thing is not about me, or the job itself.. It is about American Airlines. And what they did for 287 children of employees. 

This week the American Airlines Education Foundation gave away a total of 287 scholarships. 

Here is a breakdown graphic that I borrowed from our company site - 

Our daughter Jessica was one of the recipients of a $2500.00 scholarship. 

She was so surprised when she was notified, I think she honestly thought she wouldn't have a chance, but she did it.

We are so very very proud of her.

Jessica with Doug Parker - Chairman and CEO of American, and Elise Eberwein Executive VP-People/Communications at American

Jessie just finished her first year at Tarrant County College, with a 3.833 GPA

She will attend there one more year, and then intends on transferring to a 4 year university. 
She is looking at 
Texas A&M
University of Texas (Austin, or Arlington) 
Texas Women's University
Texas Wesleyan
or University of North Texas
With a goal, in the end of a History degree, or perhaps dual major with English.
She loves both subjects, and is quite brilliant in those areas.

Anyhow, thanks to American Airlines her tuition this next year is covered completely.

Very VERY proud of Jessie.

And so grateful for my employer. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Our Becca graduated from Texas Tech University last week.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  She is going to school in the fall for a masters in microbiology, with plans to go into pharmaceutical research.  She is one smart cookie. 

Here are a few photos from that special day!!! 

Before the graduation

Our girl

Walking up...

The handshake..  :) 

Singing the Matador song.. 

Becca and her fiance Michael "Guns Up!
Receiving her actual diploma!! 

We couldn't be more proud of our daughter...    

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Looking back at 2015

Our 2015 started off fairly quietly, No big celebrations, nothing special to start the NewYear, Girls were out separately to celebrate. 


 Michael Wade turned 28

February -  was a pretty busy month!  

On February 14th, I had my 52nd, birthday. 

Steven, Michael Jessie, Daryl and I went to dinner at Mexican Inn thenight before my birthday to celebrate. 

Kids at Mexican Inn for my birthday
On my actual birthday, Daryl took me to dinner for Valentines day.  I love how he really tries to keep the two separate and celebrate both!!!! 

At Mexican Inn for my birthday

 February 20 our baby girl turned 18.  No more "children" they are all officially adults now! 

Jessie's 18th Birthday was "Beauty and the Beast" themed 

Jessica's friends that were at her 18th birthday

Beautiful young ladies..   Laena, Liz, Jessie, Mary and Becca. 

The day after Jessica's birthday - we went and got my NEW CAR!!!  
My "New to me" car!! A 2012 Acura TL
Leather seats, all the bells and whistles,
I love love love my car! 

I had a week of vacation time,  with icy weather in DFW there was no way we could get flights on standby to go anywhere flying - so Daryl and I drove to galveston for 4 days and 3 nights.  I love the beach. We had a wonderful time just being there together. 
View from our hotel room in Galveston!  

At the beach..  it was chilly, but still.. THE BEACH :)  

I even convinced Daryl to get his first ever pedicure.

It was icy and snowy when we came home from the beach..    February was a very rough work month for me, so many weather related travel problems.  But we muddled through! 

Front yard covered in snow

In March, on spring break, the bell choir went on their annual tour. This year they went international again.  Performances in Prague, Vienna and Bratislava.  Jessica loved it, and has since professed her desire to move to Europe after college. 

  Erin and Jessie before going through security at DFW airport. 

 I worked hard in March and April to get my garden going, It was well worth it, I had so much produce until squash bugs got my zucchini, cucumbers and pumpkin plants, but the peppers and tomatoes and herbs kept on producing well to the end of summer. I made my first ever batch of pickles, I canned salsa, and just really loved being able to grow my own food! 

I got my garden all planted, and Daryl put in an awesome irrigation system! 

Also in April Jessica attended two proms, one with her best friend Mary... Where we had to alter the dress a little to fit in with the dress code -   

Jessica Nicole- Prom round 1

 And then the "big" prom, the Texas Christian Homeschool Prom.

The theme this year was "The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe" based on th CS Lewis story. It was amazing, the girls stayed overnight after at the hotel, I think Jessica was so beautiful and she had a really good time at her Senior prom! 
My beautiful Jessica - at the Texas Christian Homeschool Prom 2015

Liz, Jess and Laena 

In May after no luck with nice weather to get someone else to take photos of Jessica for her graduation announcements, we just took the first pretty day we had and drove to the Dallas Arboretum. I took about 200+ pictures and got a few pretty good ones..   We also took some at the parks she grew up playing at - Dutch Branch in 
Benbrook, and Candleridge Park near our home..   

Dallas Arboretum 

At Dutch Branch Park

Candleridge park - with a FEW  of her favorite books.

 In June there was a lot going on --   It was our busiest month EVER!  

Becca turned 20, and her boyfriend Michael turned 22, 2 days later.  They baked each other a cake, and we all went to Genghis Grill to celebrate. 

Becca baked Michael a cake, and he made her a cherry cheesecake!

Jessica and I took a day trip to Chicago 

Jessie and I had such a great time, did a lot of walking, saw the "Bean" and went to the Navy Pier. 

Love my girl!

The next week after our Chicago trip - we went to Fort Walton Beach/Destin with Raylen.
- it was Raylen's first time to be at the beach - 

She was a little timid at first, but had a blast!!!!

We also had Jessica's graduation celebration in June. We had a little ceremony here at the house, with Laena and Liz also. It was such a nice way to end our journey as homeschoolers. 

The Graduates - Jessica, Liz, and Laena

And we also celebrated Father's day.  I love having all my kids together, especially the fun photo ops that occur. 

July 4th we spent watching fireworks with my friend Susan and her husband Jimmy, (sorry the photos aren't better!)

Then we had a big life event happen -  
Rebecca and Michael got engaged on July 4 
They came and told us on July 5, and we all went out to lunch at On The Border to celebrate. 

So began a really big stage in our life - our first girl getting married!!!

August was a lot of fun, pretty busy also, 

We took Jessica and Rebecca on a quick two day one night trip to Washington DC.

We even got to visit with my nephew Justin for a short bit. 

It was so nice having the time with our girls, very bittersweet, as it was probably the last time it will ever be this way, since Becca is getting married! 

At the Smithsonian 

Daryl and I celebrated our anniversary with a trip to Europe. We flew into Frankfurt, rented a car and drove to Rothenberg On the Tauber, Zurich Switzerland, and also Strasbourg France.

We had an AMAZING time.  It was so beautiful. And we were so very blessed to be flying first class (Even as standbys!)  Made the very very long trip across the Atlantic ocean so comfortable!

I would love to go back and spend more time in Rothenberg, I know Daryl would also! 

La Petite France - Strasbourg, France

Pretty little house in Rothenberg Germany

One of the entrances into the old Towne - Rothenberg

Pocketknife art - at the Flagship Victorinox store in Zurich Switzerland 


Astronomical clock in the Notre Dame Cathedral - Strasbourg France

Notre Dame Cathedral - Strasbourg France

Cathedral all lit up at night - Strasbourg France

September, October and November were not very "exciting". Nothing really special happened, I was really sick for several weeks in September and again in November. 
For the most part life was just work, and driving Jessie back and forth to TCC.

December - Busy again - The Littlest Wiseman, with the Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir, 
Becca's fiancee graduated
a couple fun family activities, and then 

group shot of some of the Dorothy Shaw Bell choir at the Colonial Country Club reception. 

Jessica and her friend Joe Lara 

Daryl, Jessica and I visited Arlington's "Texas Christkindl Festival"  

We went on a weekday and there weren't all the vendors open, but we had fun. Talked to some amazing artisans, photographers, and had a great time! 

Daryl and I went to Lubbock for our future son-in-law, Michael's graduation -  Such a great accomplishment!!!  

They were singing the Texas Tech Fight Song

"Gun's UP"

 We celebrated Christmas with Raylen the Sunday before Christmas, as she was not going to be with us for the holiday.  She loved her gifts, put on her "fox" pjs and seemed to really like them.  She is getting SO grown up! 

Had to take my annual "kid" photo, I plan on doing this every single year, until I am no longer able (Just warning my four now!)   I love looking back at our annual photo and seeing how much they have all changed! 

Michael Wade - 28,  Jessica Nicole - 18, Rebecca Michelle - 20, Steven Glenn - 35 .

 Daryl and I went on a very short vacation at the end of December - we flew to Savannah Georgia, rented a car and spent 2 days and one night at Tybee Island Georgia.   It was beautiful. We watched the sun rise over the Atlantic ocean, walked on the beach in the dark, and gathered sea shells.  

Wonderful way to end our year --  

2016 is already looking to be just as exciting a year for us!