Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson , July 17, 2016 at the Historic 512 Fort Worth Texas

I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from Rebecca and Michael's wedding. 

I think I chose too many, but it was so hard to limit myself on here. 

We were so blessed by an amazing photographer, Jim Byrd. He got some lovely photographs, for us to remember the day. 

So..  enjoy my beautiful daughter's wedding day. It was a year of planning, lots of fun, some work, some tension, lots of joy. 

At the hotel before the wedding, all the bridesmaids had shirts we got them with their Initial on them. Becca and Ashley did all the lettering by hand.  The shirts were beautiful! So were ALL the girls!! 

Before the ceremony - Putting on the garter(s) one to toss, one to keep. 

Love these girls..  

Becca and her 'maids.  
My beautiful daughters.  Jessica was Rebecca's Maid of Honor..  

Becca and Raylen - the "Jr Bridesmaid"  

Rebecca and her grandma Shirley. Only grandparent we have left.  

Daddy's "First Look"  at Becca in her dress.. right before this we had his eyes closed and he was facing away from her. 

Becca and her brothers.. My son's clean up really good :) Michael and Steven look SO handsome! 

All my children.. Jessie, Michael, Becca, Steven 

And.. all my kiddos, PLUS the most beautiful granddaughter ever :)  


The "Kiss" 

Our family

Becca and the BestMan and Groomsmen

Michael and the bridesmaids

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson

On the porch of the Historic 512  

I think this was the guests favorite part of the reception - the open bar.. Our bartenders provided by The Black Eyed Pea, were wonderful!!! 

Homeschool friends

Our friends, bell and homeschool parents
My sister Danielle, her husband Todd, niece Katie, nephew Connor, Granddaughter Raylen, her mom Brooke, and our friend Andrea. 

My niece and her family - I have handsome great nephews! 

Jessie, Mary, Erin and part of  Kyle - Bell choir friends 

Raylen and her mom Brooke, and dad Steven

My girls and myself 

I love this man so much, he made sure our daughter's wedding day was perfect. 

Group shot - all the guests that stayed for the reception! 

Thursday, June 23, 2016


I am extremely happy that I work for American Airlines.  I like my job, at times I even LOVE my job. (At times I am not as thrilled, but that's usually when there are a lot of weather related issues)  

It's a great company to work for, benefits are pretty good (except insurance - 2000.00 deductible not so great)  But other things make it amazing, non -rev travel, flexibility to swap hours with co-workers, and many other things.  

But one great thing is not about me, or the job itself.. It is about American Airlines. And what they did for 287 children of employees. 

This week the American Airlines Education Foundation gave away a total of 287 scholarships. 

Here is a breakdown graphic that I borrowed from our company site - 

Our daughter Jessica was one of the recipients of a $2500.00 scholarship. 

She was so surprised when she was notified, I think she honestly thought she wouldn't have a chance, but she did it.

We are so very very proud of her.

Jessica with Doug Parker - Chairman and CEO of American, and Elise Eberwein Executive VP-People/Communications at American

Jessie just finished her first year at Tarrant County College, with a 3.833 GPA

She will attend there one more year, and then intends on transferring to a 4 year university. 
She is looking at 
Texas A&M
University of Texas (Austin, or Arlington) 
Texas Women's University
Texas Wesleyan
or University of North Texas
With a goal, in the end of a History degree, or perhaps dual major with English.
She loves both subjects, and is quite brilliant in those areas.

Anyhow, thanks to American Airlines her tuition this next year is covered completely.

Very VERY proud of Jessie.

And so grateful for my employer. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Our Becca graduated from Texas Tech University last week.

She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  She is going to school in the fall for a masters in microbiology, with plans to go into pharmaceutical research.  She is one smart cookie. 

Here are a few photos from that special day!!! 

Before the graduation

Our girl

Walking up...

The handshake..  :) 

Singing the Matador song.. 

Becca and her fiance Michael "Guns Up!
Receiving her actual diploma!! 

We couldn't be more proud of our daughter...