Friday, September 20, 2013

Road trip - Wedding - NY - Ohio -

Daryl, Jessica and I took a trip this last week. We went to New York to attend our nephew's wedding.


We also met our great niece Alysha for the first time..

 While there we also visited an apple orchard,

 And a very cool car museum,

 then after leaving my sister in laws house, we went to Niagara Falls..   
 Where we took tons of photos, 
Took a ride on Maid Of The Mist, a boat tour at the bottom of the falls.. And we went on the "Cave of The Winds" tour also (No cave.. but amazing closeness to the falls!) 

The American falls - as seen from the observation deck

Jessie and Daryl on Maid of The Mist

The Maid of The Mist boat,  on one of the tours below the falls.. the Rainbow was just beautiful. 

Daryl LOVED Cave of the Winds - Hurricane deck.. He was thoroughly soaked when he was done. 

After leaving NY, we drove down through Ohio, and some small Amish communities. We visited Heini's Cheese Chalet.. They make cheese there, and had TONS of different kinds for sale. They also had a candy/fudge shop and we got to take a tour of the cheese making facility.   It was a "no cheese making" day the day we were there, but our tour guide Atlee, explained all the processes to us very well..    

Rush hour.....   :) 

So glad we stopped in there! 

It was a really wonderful trip, and a memorable time for all three of us. We drove through 8 states..  I got spoons for my collection from 5 of them. (Totally forgot to get one from Pennsylvania and Tennessee..  :(  ) 

To see all the photos from our trip.. (there are a lot) Visit the link below. 


  1. Wow! What a beautiful trip. You got some awesome photos. Looks like a trip, we'd love to take some day. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful trip. You got some great pictures. I'd love to take this trip sometime with my gang. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you had such a good time!